Things to Do in Seattle Washington

Seattle is a vibrant and dynamic city with a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. There are many reasons to hang out in Seattle, including its diverse and thriving arts and culture scene, its beautiful natural surroundings, and its thriving food and drink industry.

One of the best things about Seattle is its location in the Pacific Northwest, which offers a wide range of outdoor activities and adventures. The city is surrounded by water, mountains, and forests, making it a great destination for hiking, skiing, boating, and other outdoor activities. Seattle is also home to a number of high-quality museums, galleries, and performance venues, which make it a great place for cultural enthusiasts.

In addition to its arts and culture, Seattle is also known for its food and drink scene. The city is home to a wide range of excellent restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops, making it a great place to eat and drink. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or a more formal dining experience, Seattle has something to offer.

Overall, Seattle is a vibrant and exciting city with a lot to offer, making it a great place to hang out and explore. Below you can find some of our favorite attractions and activities while we were visiting.

Explore China Town Seattle

The Chinatown-International District in Seattle is a neighborhood that is alive with a diverse population and is abundant in both history and culture. It is a well-liked site not just among travelers but also among people who live in the surrounding area, and there are many reasons to travel there. The following is a list of some of the activities that are available to you in Chinatown-International District:

Chinatown-International District is home to a variety of historical and cultural sites, such as the Panama Hotel, the Wing Luke Museum, and Hing Hay Park. These landmarks can be explored as part of an excursion into the history and culture of the region. These locations provide an insight into the rich history and cultural legacy of the surrounding area.

Chinatown-International District is home to a large array of restaurants, cafes, and food booths that serve a wide range of Asian and international cuisines. If you visit this neighborhood, be sure to try some of the regional specialties. There is a wide variety of delicious food available, ranging from Cantonese roast meats and banh mi to dim sum and pho.

The area is home to a number of tiny stores and markets that sell a range of one-of-a-kind and unusual products, such as traditional Asian clothes, art, and crafts. These shops and markets are excellent places to buy one-of-a-kind presents and mementos.

Chinatown and the International District are home to a multitude of busy restaurants and clubs that offer live music and other forms of entertainment. If you want to experience the nightlife, head to these areas.

Take pleasure in the neighborhood’s many public art projects, which include murals, sculptures, and other works of art. The neighborhood is home to a variety of public art installations.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the history, culture, and food of Seattle’s Asian community should consider paying a visit to Chinatown-International District. This neighborhood straddles the border between downtown and the International District.

Visit Bruce Lees’s Favorite Restaurant

The Chinatown-International District neighborhood in Seattle is home to the well-known eatery Tai Tung, which is Bruce Lee’s favorite restaurant. They serve traditional Chinese cuisine. It is well-known for the genuine Cantonese cuisine it serves, as well as the warm and inviting environment it provides. If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine and are searching for a dining experience that is both excellent and authentic, Tai Tung can be a good option for you to consider.

The steamed dumplings, the roast duck, and the roast pork are just some of the delicacies that have garnered great praise from patrons of Tai Tung. The restaurant is particularly well-known for its assortment of Cantonese-style seafood dishes, such as its steamed fish with soy sauce and its lobster with ginger and scallions.

In addition to the cuisine it serves, Tai Tung is famous for the courteous and attentive service it provides, as well as the affordable prices it offers. The neighborhood of Chinatown-International District is known for its lively and exciting atmosphere, and many people enjoy the city’s busy ambiance as well as the traditional Chinese design of the restaurant. In general, Tai Tung is an excellent option for anyone in the Seattle area who is seeking for a Chinese restaurant that provides a scrumptious and genuine dining experience.

Space Needle

The Space Needle, also known simply as “The Needle,” is a famous skyscraper that can be found in Seattle, Washington. It was constructed for the World’s Fair in 1962, and since then, it has grown to become one of the city’s most iconic icons. The Space Needle is located in Seattle, Washington, and is 605 feet tall. At the very top of the structure is an observation deck that provides views in all directions.

Every year, millions of visitors make their way to see the iconic Space Needle, which has become a popular attraction for tourists. In addition to the observation deck, the Space Needle features a rotating restaurant at the very top of the structure called the SkyCity Restaurant. This restaurant is known for its high-quality cuisine as well as its breathtaking vistas of the surrounding city.

Every tourist who comes to Seattle absolutely needs to make their way to the top of the Space Needle, since it is an integral and iconic component of the city’s skyline. It may be found in the Lower Queen Anne district of Seattle, which can be found just north of the downtown area.

You can pay to go to the top of the Needle, but we didn’t want to fork over the cash. There is a park below where you can enjoy views from every angle though!

Explore Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is so much more than a farmer’s market. You can find hallway after hallway filled with small shops and hidden treasures. You can buy fresh flowers, trinkets, clothing, art, and everything in between from the many stalls that line the main floor. There are also multiple stairwells you can follow for even more shopping.

You can visit the gum wall, enjoy scenic views, find the 1st Starbucks, enjoy shopping, and grab a bite to it. Pretty much anything you want to do, you can do it here. We also have a more detailed guide to Pike Place Market!

visit pike place market in seattle washington

Pier 66

Pier 66 is a place in Seattle that is situated on the lake and is home to a multitude of attractions and conveniences for visitors. Pier 66 is a wonderful spot to visit if you are interested in participating in a range of activities, such as touring the waterfront, enjoying dining and shopping, participating in a boat tour, or attending an event. At Pier 66, some of the activities you can participate in include the following:

  • Pay a visit to the Bell Street Cruise Port: Several different cruise lines utilize this terminal as a point of embarkation and disembarkation for their customers.
  • Ride the Ferris wheel
  • Explore the waterfront: Pier 66, which can be found along the waterfront in downtown Seattle, is a wonderful area to go for a stroll or ride a bike while taking in the sights of the bay and the surrounding city skyline.
  • Pier 66 is home to a number of restaurants and retail businesses, such as the Crab Pot, a well-known seafood restaurant, and the World Trade Center, which is home to a number of retailers and boutiques. Dine and shop: Pier 66 is located in San Francisco, California.
  • Take a boat trip: Pier 66 is a popular departure point for a variety of boat tours, including harbor cruises, whale-watching tours, and other water-based activities. Enjoy a boat tour.
  • Participate in an event: Pier 66 is a well-known location for a wide range of events, such as concerts, festivals, and other types of gatherings.

Visit the 1st Starbucks

The first Starbucks coffee shop, which can be found in the Pike Place Market neighborhood of Seattle, is both a well-known destination for tourists and an important historical site in the area. Visitors to the establishment have the opportunity to take a tour of the establishment and gain knowledge about the history of Starbucks as well as the company’s part in the growth of the speciality coffee market. The establishment continues to run as a fully operational coffee shop, so guests who stop by can purchase and have a cup of coffee along with a variety of other beverages and baked goods while they are there.

In addition to taking a tour of the shop and having a cup of coffee, guests to the first Starbucks have the opportunity to shop at the on-site store, where they may pick up souvenirs and items. This comprises t-shirts, mugs, and other goods with the Starbucks brand on them that are popular among travelers and others who enjoy drinking coffee. Additionally, the shop offers a selection of whole bean and ground coffee, in addition to other products associated with coffee, including brewing equipment and various accessories for producing coffee. If you are interested in the history of coffee or are simply seeking for a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience while in Seattle, then the first Starbucks location is a destination that you simply cannot miss.

Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum

The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum features the work of the illustrious glass artist Dale Chihuly. The museum is home to an extensive collection of colorful and complicated glass sculptures and installations created by Chihuly. These works are on show in a number of galleries as well as outside in the museum’s gardens.

There are many exhibits you can enjoy at the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum, including:

  • Sculptures made of glass The museum is home to a number of the renowned artist Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures, notably his “Mille Fiori” installation, which is comprised of hundreds of different colored glass flowers.
  • Installations of glass art The museum is home to a number of galleries that include Chihuly’s expansive glass art installations. One of these galleries is called “Chihuly’s Boats,” and it displays a number of glass vessels in a variety of colors.
  • Demonstrations of glassblowing The museum frequently puts on demonstrations of glassblowing, during which guests can observe skilled craftspeople produce glass pieces using methods that have been around for generations.
  • Outdoor gardens: The outdoor gardens at the museum showcase a number of glass sculptures and installations created by Chihuly, in addition to a variety of plants and other elements of landscaping design.

Anyone who is interested in glass art or the work of Dale Chihuly should make it a point to visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum. It is an absolute must-see. It is a wonderful site to see some of the artist’s most iconic works and to gain an understanding of the procedure involved in the production of glass art.

Take in the Views of Elliott Bay

On the backside of Pike Place Market are restaurants and breweries where you can enjoy a meal with a view! If you want to check out the view below, go to Old Stone Brewing. You can see the entire bay and even some of the mountains on a clear day…

Stunning vistas of Elliott Bay may be had from a number of different vantage points in the city of Seattle. The following locations offer some of the best views of the bay in the area:

The breathtaking panoramas that can be seen from Kerry Park, which is a small park perched atop Queen Anne Hill, include Elliott Bay, the city skyline, and the mountains in the area.

Alki Beach is a popular place for beachcombing, walking, and taking in the views because of its location on the west side of the city. You can see the city skyline and the Olympic Mountains from the beach, which is located on the other side of Elliott Bay.

The observation deck of the Smith Tower, which is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, provides visitors with a breathtaking panorama of Elliott Bay and the metropolitan area beyond.

The peak of Mount Constitution, which can be found on Orcas Island, provides visitors with breathtaking vistas of Elliott Bay and the islands that are located in its immediate vicinity.

At Waterfront Park, which is situated along the waterfront in the heart of Seattle’s downtown, visitors may take their pick from a variety of vantage points and seating spaces from which to take in breathtaking panoramas of Elliott Bay and the cities that surround it.

Explore Gas Works Park

Located just outside downtown Seattle, Gas Works Park is right on the north shore of Lake Union. It is located on land that was originally used for a coal gasification facility, and many of the plant’s industrial structures have been maintained and incorporated into the overall design of the park.

Gas Works Park is a well-liked attraction not just among tourists but also among residents of the surrounding area because it offers a variety of amenities and opportunities for participation. The following are just some of the activities that are available to you at the park:

Gas Works Park is an excellent location to spend the day outside, taking in the clean air and admiring the breathtaking views of Seattle and the area around it! It provides visitors with breathtaking views of Lake Union, the communities that surround it, as well as the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.

Take a stroll in the park or go for a ride on your bike: the park features a network of paths and trails that are frequented by pedestrians, joggers, and cyclists. You can enjoy the park’s wide playground area, which features a number of different pieces of playground equipment as well as other fun activities for kids.

Visitors to Gas Works Park can have a meal or a snack while sitting down to eat at one of the park’s picnic tables and in one of the park’s many grassy areas. Take in a beautiful sunset: The park is a famous location for taking in beautiful sunsets over Lake Union and the cityscape that surrounds it.

Amazon Spheres

The Spheres are a singular and recognizable element of the skyline in Seattle, and they are a much-liked destination for visitors from out of town as well as people who live in the area. The Spheres are a collection of three glass domes that are joined to one another and are situated in the core of the South Lake Union area in the city. They were constructed as a component of Amazon’s headquarters, and now they serve both as a place for employees to get their job done and to congregate.

The Spheres are a marvel of modern design and engineering – they offer a unique and visually striking contrast to the surrounding cityscape. They look wonderfully futuristic, which just fits the vibe of Seattle. There is lush plant life throughout the Spheres – they are home to a wide variety of plants and trees from around the world, and they are a great place to relax and enjoy the greenery.

You can also enjoy a number of public art installations, including murals and sculptures, which are scattered throughout the domes.

You can visit them, but be sure to make an appointment in advance. They fill up fast and times are limited! The Spheres offer a rare opportunity for the public to learn about Amazon and its operations, as well as the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Casco Antiguo is a nearby Mexican restaurant that we recommend checking out too!

Venture Out & Go Whale Watching

While you can’t whale watch from downtown Seattle, there is a ferry that can take you to the marina whale watching cruises leave from. This makes it much easier for tourists without a car. There are many options when whale watching, so be sure to do your research beforehand.

We went North to Port Townsend, which was a 30-minute uber ride away. Be aware, uber rides are much more expensive here so it cost us about $75 each way. There is no public transportation that goes that far north currently, but they are working on expanding the rail system there.

Below you can see the boat we took out. Even though it is large, you can still feel all the waves!

One of the best parts of going on a whale-watching tour is the views of Olympus National Park! You get beautiful views from when you leave the harbor until you get back. Our tour even went into Canada so we got some international views…

Views of Olympus national park from whale watching tours

Visit an Amazon Go Store

This was a must-do on our travel list. We’ve heard about these stores for a while and have always been curious. Luckily, there was one right by our hotel so we could quickly go before our whale watching trip!

Amazon Go stores are a completely check-out free shopping experience. You just pick what you’d like, put it in your bag, and head then leave. There are no lines for checkout! Amazon Go stores eliminate the need for customers to stand in line to pay for their purchases by utilizing a system that is comprised of sensors and artificial intelligence to monitor the merchandise that is removed from the shelves by customers. Their stores have an emphasis on making the shopping experience as simple and uncomplicated as possible, thus they are built to be practical and user-friendly.