About Us

A collective of travelers, sharing our nuggets of adventure.

Travelers, but with homes too...

We’re free spirits through and through, but we have homes too. Our contributors are scattered around the globe – some traveling more than others. Either way, TEM loves sharing their adventures. Whether down the block from their home or on another continent, we share their stories.

That’s why you’ll see certain regions covered more than others. 

Genuine content is our goal. That means  we sometimes grow slow, but then you get REAL advice and tips. Content written by those who have been there, walked  the streets, and explored the area is much more valuable than those who did a quick Google search.

If you want the hidden gems and treasures, stick with us!

We Started with just one.

Our community runs deep now, but it wasn’t always this way…

Sophie Allen’s love of traveling sparked this site and continues to contribute.