St. Pete Pier: Best Things to Do in St. Pete

If you’re visiting St. Pete Florida the newly renovated pier can fill a whole day was fun. It’s one of our favorite things to do in St. Pete, so check it out while you’re visiting.

In addition to the activities located on the pier, there are also restaurants bars and shops around the pier entrance for even more places to visit.

You can spend the whole day here!

Things to Do at St. Pete Pier:

What can I do at the pier? …so much!

Play at the Beach

There is a beach located on the St. Pete pier that is tons of fun. Whether you want to get your feet wet in the waves or spend the afternoon swimming, this is a great place to visit.

There are beach chairs laid out along the sand which are free to use making an even better experience. There’s also a covered area at the top of the beach with a picnic table and bike racks.

Have a Picnic on the Pier:

There’s a large open area near the playground, or there’s also a grassy area nearby where you can have a picnic. It gives great views of the Tampa Bay and his soft grass to lay a blanket down on. There’s also trees that make it shady.

You can choose to bring your own picnic lunch or are there is a walk up Café nearby where you can get food then bring it to the grass to eat.

Eat a Meal at St. Pete Pier Restaurants:

There are four restaurants on the pier: the Teak restaurant, Pier Teaki Tiki-themed rooftop bar and Driftwood Café at the end of the pier, as well as the walk up Spa Beach Bistro pizza restaurant, a brewery, and Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grill towards the end. There are also some food carts where are you can get food. You can also eat at the seafood restaurant at the pier entrance or one of the many restaurants located on Ocean Drive.

This is the view from Pier Teaki, a rooftop bar in St. Pete:

Soak in The Views at St. Pete Pier

There are amazing views all around the pier! If you walk all the way to the end, there are beautiful views of the water, as well as downtown St. Pete. You can even see downtown Tampa off in the distance…

Visit 2 Museums:

There are 2 museums at the St. Pete Pier – the St. Pete History Museum & Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center. Both spots feature a variety of things to explore!

The St. Pete History Museum is located near the entrance of the pier, so it’s less of a walk. You can explore exhibits about the first flight, the history of the pier, building the Sunshine City, local art & local stories, the Odditorium, and Shrader’s Little Cooperstown.

Located towards the end of the pier, there is an oceanic exploration museum that features exhibits on sea creatures and plants living in the ocean. There are many exhibits you can explore and learn more about the ocean around us. You can even touch some of the hands-on displays. The discovery museum is $5 per ticket, so it is an affordable activity!

Play on the playground:

If you have kids there is a giant playground on the pier call Lynn in our opinion it’s one of the best playgrounds in St. Pete. It has a whimsical theme and tons of fun obstacles and activities for kids to play on.

Play in the Water Fountains:

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy playing in the water. There are fountains that flow from the ground spraying up into the air. You can run around in these to cool off which is a fun area for children to play. I also love to play in this area… And I’m 26 years old.


It’s very common to see rollerbladers skating around the pier. There are tons of wide walkways and sidewalks that have smooth concrete for skaters to safely skate along. It’s a great work out considering the pier is over half a mile long. So each trip down and back is 1. 2 miles…

Shop Local St. Pete Pier Vendors and Artist:

Every weekend and some weeknights, there are local artists and vendors who have pop-up shops along the beginning of the pier. You can’t miss them! There are clothing shops, jewelry designers, local artists, food products, hats, vintage signs and other handmade products from St. Pete.

Ride the Trolley

there’s a free trolley that drives the length of the pier. You can write it down and back, with multiple stops along the way. This allows you to get off whenever you’d like without having to ride the entire length of the pier. If you’re traveling with older people, injured or disabled people or those who just don’t feel like walking, you can still enjoy the entirety of the St. Pete pier.

Go Fishing at the End of the Pier

If you walk all the way to the end of the pier, there is a large dock you can fish off. It is common for people to spend the afternoon fishing here as it can get shady.

There is a fish cleaning station to make it easy to clean your catch. You can also eat at the nearby cafe or restaurant if you get hungry…

If you have questions about the St. Pete Pier, you can find the answers here:

When is the best time to visit the pier?

Well I’m sure you can guess the pier in St. Pete has more busy on the weekends. As more locals have off work, this is a popular time for beach goers from the city and families who want to enjoy the afternoon at the playground. Consider visiting the pier during the day on a weekday.

Even weekday nights are better… Weekday evenings are also less busy as the beach is somewhat cleared out so this may be a better time if you have to visit the pier on the weekend..

What is the St. Pete pier cost?

There is no fee to walk on the pier, rollerblade or ride your bike. However, if you choose to park in the parking lots on the pier there is a parking fee. There’s free parking located up a couple blocks but chances are most places you’ll have to pay to park. You can often times find cheaper parking along the street and these spots are app accessible so you can easily add more time from your phone.

Where do you park for the St. Pete pier?

There are multiple parking lots once you drive on the pier. These are pay to park spaces. Be aware that on the weekends these areas fill up fast so you may need to park on the street along the entrance to the pier or up a few blocks.

There’s also the Sundial parking garage on 2nd St. which is less than a seven minute walk. If it is really busy and there’s nowhere to park this is a good place to park.

When was the Saint Pete pier built?

The original pier was built in 1889 and has gone through multiple renovations over the years. The pier was torn down in 1973 and was not considered rebuilding for over 25 years. The most recent renovation has been completed in 2020.

How long is the St. Pete pier?

The St. Pete pier is 3000 feet long. That’s over half a mile!This makes it perfect for working out. Whether you’re walking, biking, rollerblading, running, jogging, skipping, skateboarding or another kind of exercise it’s great to get out and move! There are wide sidewalks and plenty of space for everyone to move around.

Is the St. Pete Pier dog friendly?

Yes, the Saint Pete pier is dog friendly. However dogs must be on a leash. Make sure you bring a leash for each dog you plan to bring. There are stations with doggy poop bags for you to use if you’re very family uses the restroom. This makes it even more pet friendly yay!

Is the Saint Pete pier bike friendly?

Yes, the Saint Pete pier is bike friendly. There are multiple bike racks around the pier for you to lock up your bike depending on where you stop along the pier. You must bring your own lock to like lock up your bike but there are a considerable number of places to lock up your bike along the path…

Are there bathrooms?

Yes, there are bathrooms along the St. Pete pier. There are bathrooms at the Spa Beach Café in the middle of the pier, as well as a standalone bathroom facility at the entrance of the pier. There is a Stone sign that says restrooms and Gothic letters. The bathrooms in the middle of the pier are definitely nicer than the ones at the entrance so if you could hold it we recommend waiting until you got to just pass the playground.

There are also restrooms inside the restaurant and café at the end of the pier as well as doc Fords to the right when you’re walking up.

How far is it from Tampa to St. Pete?

If you are staying in the Tampa side and want to visit the Saint P pier it’s about 17.2 miles away. You can drive which would take about 25 to 30 minutes. Or, you can take the ferry. There are multiple rides per day that leave from downtown Tampa and docks in downtown Saint Pete. This is a great option if you’re planning to visit for the day or want to drink while you’re there! Be sure to buy tickets in advance.

The pier has not been open very long so it’s still shiny and brand spanking new. Be sure to visit soon so you can see it in the most pristine condition!

And also be sure to take care of the area while you’re visiting… Don’t litter, clean up after yourself, pick up your dogs poop and just treat it like your own backyard.

Whether you’re visiting the St. Pete pier restaurants, the beach in St. Pete, the rooftop bar, St. Pete pier vendors, the brewery, or are you just happened upon this beautiful waterfront activity in St. Pete, it sure to be a good time. I

f you’re visiting the area you don’t want to miss this St Pete attraction. It’s Close to Main Street in St. Pete which has tons of bars, restaurants, shops and a concert venue. We hope you have a good time!

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