Working Remotely Tips to Keep Your Sanity

We can all agree, the grass often seems greener on the other side. Working from home sounds like fun, but in reality, it’s not the best option for everyone. Some personalities are suited for remote work, while others thrive in a social environment.

So we’re here to help you keep your sanity while working from home – many of you with children at home too.

Whether you’re working from home for your employer or your self employed, these work at home tips help us keep our sanity & productivity.

Working remotely can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging in terms of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and staying mentally healthy. Here are our MAIN tips for keeping your sanity while working remotely:

  1. Establish a routine: Set a regular schedule for yourself and stick to it as much as possible. This can help you stay focused and productive, and can also prevent work from spilling over into your personal time.
  2. Create a dedicated workspace: If possible, set up a dedicated workspace in your home that is separate from your living space. This can help you stay focused and avoid distractions.
  3. Take breaks: It’s important to take regular breaks throughout the day to give your mind a rest and recharge. This could include taking a walk, stretching, or doing some other activity that helps you relax and unwind.
  4. Stay connected: Working remotely can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. To combat this, make an effort to stay connected with your colleagues and other people in your network. This could involve regular check-ins, virtual coffee breaks, or even just a quick chat to catch up.
  5. Prioritize self-care: Finally, make sure to take care of yourself. This could involve practicing good self-care habits like getting enough sleep, eating well, and staying active. Taking care of yourself can help you stay mentally healthy and better able to handle the challenges of working remotely.

Below you can find a lot more…

Be Patient with Yourself

During this time, don’t hold yourself to a high standard. Be patient with yourself and your family. It’s hard for everyone to focus right now, but you can only do your best.

Don’t Keep Bags of Chips in Arms Reach

Use a bowl to ration your snacks so you don’t eat the whole bag. Everyone needs a mid-day snack, but you don’t want to eat all your snacks in the first week…

Build a Community

One of the things remote workers often miss most about a 9 to 5 is the social aspect of the office. You don’t realize how nice casual conversation about work and life can be until you’re completely alone for entire work days. Once you begin working at home, it’s important to connect with similar people. Whether they work in your field, with similar companies, or live in your area, it’s important to stay connected.

You can attend conferences, join Facebook Groups, Meet Ups or just get out of the house. If you’re looking for even more ways to build a community, we’ve got you covered with ideas!

Start Your Day with a Shower

You may think normal work rules fly out the window when working at home. But starting your day with a shower and getting ready makes you feel like a new person. It’s crazy how much more productive you’ll be.

Whenever we need a jolt of energy, a shower can do wonders to reset you mentally – especially a cold one.

Don’t work in your PJs.

It may seem fun to spend all day in your pajamas, but there’s something about changing our of your sleep clothes to start the day. Even if you’re just sliding on some sweats and a tank…

Getting Deliveries? Leave a Note.

There may not be much mail being delivered, but if you’re expecting a package consider posting a note on your front door to not ring the doorbell. Or, send your kids out to retrieve it! (if they’re old enough to answer the door)

Essential Oils are Essential

If you’ve never used essential oils, you’re going to want to start. Many people are experiencing depression and anxiety due to the inability to leave their homes, so utilizing essential oils can boost your mood.

Some of our favorites are orange oil & other citrus oils like lemon oil. You can dab a little on your wrists, hold the bottle up to your nose and sniff or use a diffuser to put the oils into the air.

Work When You’re Most Productive

If you have to work during normal operating hours due to your job, this doesn’t apply to you, but don’t hold yourself to the “normal” hours if those don’t work for you.

Want to play with your children during the day? Work at night. Don’t feel like working in the morning? Work an extra hour in the evening.

Unplug – Don’t Let Lines Become Blurred

This may seem obvious, but working from home can become overwhelming. The lines become blurred about when “working hours” are, you no longer leave an office at the end of the day without a way for clients to contact you.

You must take time to unplug, away from your computer and phone. Don’t let work creep in. You need time to decompress and not be thinking about work. One good way to do this is…

Take Breaks to Get Outside

Vitamin C is an essential piece of the puzzle. You can’t stay cooped up all day. So, take a 10 minute break to go on a walk around your neighborhood. If you have kiddos, bring them along with you!

Getting the blood flowing and your heart rate up can increase brain activity and productivity.

Create a Dedicated Space: Change the Scenery

If you think working from your bed sounds like fun, you’ll find out soon that it’s not. In order to train your brain that it’s time for work, you need to have a dedicated space for working hours. Even if you don’t have an office at home, you can set up a space at the kitchen table that’s dedicated to this time.

What about other places to work remotely besides home? If you don’t have room for a dedicated space, or home options aren’t working for you, head to your local coffee shop or library. Getting a change of scenery can signal to your brain that it’s time to get working. It can also help to break up the monotony of working at the same place all.the.time.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dancing increases happiness. It’s also one of the few activities you do without thinking. It can be a nice break for your brain that’s been constantly thinking about the current situation…

Laugh About It

It’s true that laughter is the best medicine. We can all agree this is a stressful time, but it helps to laugh about it. If your kids do something crazy, call your friend to laugh about it. Share your story on Facebook. You’ll get tons of other people telling similar stories – many you can get a laugh out of.

Keep Yourself Busy

Whether you’re cleaning your house, doing yard work or just playing game with your kids, keep your mind busy. It will help to focus on the positives – that you’re at home with your family.

It’s important to be flexible during this time, and like we said before, be patient with yourself.

The most important things to remember are patience, flexibility & positivity. Without that, there’s a good chance you might lose your mind for a minute…

Pretty much everyone is in the same boat as you, so rest assured knowing you’re not the only one. We all want to pull our hair out from time to time, but don’t let this get to ya!

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