Your Guide to Meow Wolf’s Exhibitions: House of Eternal Return, Omega Mart, & Convergence Station

Meow Wolf Denver exhibits

If you’re visiting or live in Santa Fe, NM; Denver, CO; or Las Vegas, NV, Meow Wolf’s interactive art installations should be on your must-visit list. Each of their 3 locations takes you to different surreal worlds, They take art installations to a whole new level…

You can spend an entire day here!

What is Meow Wolf?

Meow Wolf is an art collective and production company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The group is known for creating immersive, multimedia experiences that blend storytelling, music, and interactivity. The point of Meow Wolf is to create unique and engaging art experiences that challenge traditional ideas about what art can be. Their goal is to provide a space where people can be creative and explore their own imaginations, and to create a sense of wonder and awe.

Currently, there are 3 Meow Wolf locations in the US. The specific installations and exhibits at any given Meow Wolf location can vary, so it’s always best to check the Meow Wolf website or contact them directly for the most current information.

Meow Wolf Denver: Convergence Station

Meow Wolf Denver is known as Convergence Station. It is a unique and interactive gallery, where visitors can explore and engage with art in a fun, creative way. Meow Wolf has a variety of events, from live music and theater shows to educational workshops and interactive art experiences. Visitors can explore the art installations, play interactive games, and take part in the events. Depending on how much time is spent exploring, it can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to get through Meow Wolf Denver. Meow Wolf Denver is a permanent installation and is suitable for all ages.

Meow Wolf Santa Fe: House of Eternal Return

This is the original Meow Wolf experience. The House of Eternal Return is a permanent installation created by Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The exhibit is set inside a large Victorian-style house, where visitors can explore a series of interconnected spaces that blend art, storytelling, and interactivity. There are 70 rooms to explore inside the installation!

Inside the house, visitors will find a variety of rooms and environments, each with its own unique character and atmosphere. These spaces may include hidden passageways, interactive installations, and other surprises. The goal of the House of Eternal Return is to provide a space where visitors can let their imaginations run wild and explore the mysteries of the house and the world within it.

Meow Wolf Las Vegas: Omega Mart

“Explore an extraordinary supermarket and discover portals leading to surreal worlds full of unexpected, art-filled landscapes in which to play,” according to Meow Wolf’s website. Omega Mart is like if you went to a grocery store on acid.

It’s located inside the famous AREA15 art district in Las Vegas. Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart is their newest interactive attraction, so you don’t want to miss it!

Meow Wolf Pricing

Meow Wolf is not a cheap attraction. But we promise it’s worth it!

The cost of admission to Meow Wolf Santa Fe varies depending on the age of the visitor and the time of year. At the time of writing, general admission tickets for adults (ages 14 – 64) cost $52, while tickets for seniors (65+) and students (with valid ID) cost $44. Tickets for youth (ages 4 – 13) cost $44, and children (ages 0 – 3) are free.

Additionally, Meow Wolf offers a variety of ticket packages and discounts, such as group rates and memberships, which can help save money on admission. It’s always a good idea to check the Meow Wolf website for the most current pricing information and to see if any special offers or discounts are available.

How Long Does it Take to Walk through Meow Wolf?

It’s difficult to say exactly how long it would take to walk through a Meow Wolf installation, as the length of time can vary depending on the specific exhibit and how much time an individual spends exploring each part of it. In general, however, most people spend at least an hour or two exploring a Meow Wolf exhibit. Some visitors may spend longer, depending on their interests and how much they want to see and experience.

How Long Can You Stay in Meow Wolf?

Visitors are allowed to stay as long as they like, as there is always something new to explore.

The length of time that visitors can stay in a Meow Wolf exhibit varies depending on the specific installation and the hours of operation for the location. In general, however, visitors are welcome to stay for as long as they like during the hours that the exhibit is open to the public. Some Meow Wolf locations may have specific closing times, in which case visitors would need to leave the exhibit before it closes. It’s always a good idea to check the hours of operation for a specific Meow Wolf location before planning your visit.

When Should I Visit Meow Wolf Exhibits?

The best time to visit Meow Wolf can vary depending on a number of factors, including personal preferences and individual schedules. Some people may prefer to visit during the week when the exhibit is less crowded, while others may enjoy the added energy and excitement of a weekend visit. In general, it’s a good idea to check the hours of operation for a specific Meow Wolf location and plan your visit accordingly. It’s also a good idea to consider any special events or activities that may be happening at the exhibit, as these can affect the overall experience and enjoyment of your visit.

If you’re wanting to see as much as possible, we recommend booking an early time slot.

Meow Wolf Concerts

In addition to general admission tickets for exploring, you can also attend concerts at Meow Wolf locations. We have been to concerts at Meow Wolf Denver, so we have the insight to share there. However, our team has never attended concerts at another location. We hope to in the future though!

Generally, concerts are held inside rooms on the lower level of Meow Wolf Denver. Each time we attended, there were different graphics projected on the walls, which makes it interesting to watch. However, it is not like the rest of Meow Wolf’s installations.

It is possible to rent out the entire space though…

We went to a concert in Meow Wolf in the beginning of December 2022. A music label rented out Meow Wolf Denver and held 3 concerts inside the space and 1 concert in the normal room. It was magical!

Walking freely from room to room was probably the most fun part. While we couldn’t go everywhere, we could explore much more than we expected.

If there is ever another multi-stage concert at Meow Wolf it is a do-not-miss event.

If you want to find more on what to know before you visit, Meow Wolf’s site has more info.