Downtown St Pete Remote Working Spots:


Where would the Hype office be without Intermezzo? They have WiFi, cozy café tables, and lots of natural light. It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee or Aperol spritz while you’re chasing your muse. Yes, they have a full bar on top of their delicious coffee.

Overall, this coffee shop by day and cocktail bar by night has a great atmosphere. The proximity to lunch spots and easy access to happy hour at quitting time are definite bonuses. Right next door is Baum Market, which is a great place to grab a healthy lunch or treat.

Intermezzo also has been known to host occasional events, like a women’s coworking pop-up. One thing to keep in mind is it can be tricky to find a spot with street parking depending on the time of day.

They even have a happy hour every day from 5 pm to 7 pm so if you like working odd hours, this is a remote working spot we would recommend checking out!

You can also enjoy the Mezzo Market on select weekends, which they hold behind the coffee shop. There are 15-30 local vendors that gather on the street behind Intermezzo 1 weekend per month, so be sure to look at their Instagram for the next event.

Bandit Coffee Co.

Minimal-chic interior with WiFi and plenty of places to camp out with your laptop. Bandit focuses on craft coffee and beverages and they offer special seasonal drinks. You can get a perfect pour over, tea, or try one of the boutique packaged beverages in the cooler case. We’re all obsessed with Dram, a CBD-sparkling water they carry.

Bandit is in the Grand Central District, making find a parking spot easier than if you were downtown. They serve a small selection of pastries from local bakers and are across the street from Casita Taqueria for lunch.

Station House 

Plenty of cool vibes to go around, this is a great place to get some serious work done. There’s a supportive atmosphere, which allows for some organic networking. Pro tip: don’t forget to bring a sweater. It gets chilly in there!

The bottom floor is open to the public and has a coffee/tea bar where they serve Tebella and Kahwa. The higher floors required a membership or day pass for access. It’s worth splurging for the day pass to access the roof deck on a nice day. 


This downtown staple has been around since 2006. There’s WiFi, an assortment of snacks and pastries, coffee and tea to fuel your workflow.

At the Downtown South location, the outside tables facing the water are a prime spot to work, and you also almost always run into someone you know here! It’s never not busy at this spot. The Downtown North location tends to be quieter if you need a day to focus on knocking out an assignment before a deadline.

Grassroots Kava House

Upstairs + the balcony tables: Very cool atmosphere and usually pretty quiet. You won’t have to compete for a spot. Also, you can see all of Central Avenue from your perch on the outside balcony; the sunset view is gorgeous!

The Library

This restaurant is part of the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital campus. The decor alone is worth a visit, with high ceilings, alcoves complete with wingback chairs, and an overall feel of a luxurious library – inspired by its namesake: The George Peabody Library in Baltimore. If you’re hungry, the chef recently got a James Beard Award nom.

When it comes to working remotely, we recommend the bar or an alcove to get a few hours in. Their entire bar area offers several outlets to charge your devices and it’s more laid back.

Black Crow Coffee Co. 

Now with two locations, Black Crow is Florida’s first zero-waste shop. Their original location in Old Northeast is cozy, eclectic, and packed with vintage and quirky items while their second location in the Grand Central District (in the building formerly known as their roasting site) has that coffee shop charm but with more wide, open spaces. The garage doors at the new location offer an open-air vibe.

They’re open later than some other coffee shops and there are plenty of places to sit with outlets nearby to recharge. There are also plenty of muffins (we love the Maui!), cookies, and croissant sandwiches to snack on. The owner, Deana, really champions all things local, so this is a good community hub to find out what’s happening in St. Pete. They also get all their coffee cups made locally by a St Pete artist, so if you’re into supporting local, don’t miss out on Black Crow Coffee.